Fresh eyes

The last 6 moths have been a haze, but i finally feel like I’m out on the other side. I’m motivated, can think clearly again and have set new goals of what I want to achieve. This has nothing to do with New Years resolutions, it is what is right for me at this stage.

The house is now de-cluttered, all cupboards cleaned out, wardrobe have had a decent clean out too and now it is just cleaning and maintenance that will need to be monitored.

I have also treated myself with some new gym gear and all that is missing now is new runners that will have to come in a payday or 2. Back to boxing tomorrow and the goal is 4 days a week. I know I can do it with some decent planning. Also need to stretch about 15 min a day to get my hamstrings out. If not there is not  chance I can do the 60k challenge in April.

For me to get to where I am would have been impossible if I didn’t have the support and amazing friends I have as well as Tristan and puppy kisses  from Andie. They make my world go round and i would be lost without them.

Lets make this a big step for 2016, in the right mindset and with goals to  kick.


No more supermarket

TIMG_4646his have been building for some time and i have been on my way several times the last year but it has just not been possible. But we are now(finally) in the new house and the option of doing things our way are so much easier. I have today decided, I’m breaking up with the supermarkets.

I have not worked out the logistics 100% yet, but to start with i’ll get as much as I can get from the farmers market and butcher/fish store. I’m blessed with living in-between 2 great farmers markets, Midland & Kalamunds, and the butcher in Midland is open 7 days a week. I’ll need to figure out toiletries, cleaning products etc but for a start i think this will be good and it’s one step at a time.

So why am I doing this? Well, there isn’t one reason. There are several.

  • cost and quality – i find that woolies and Coles charge more and more and the quality is getting worse and worse. I’m sick of buying veggies that have been frozen for a year and go off after 2 days in the fridge
  • Hidden additives – i am a strong believer that food should be as natural as possible and this is why i got the thermomix a few weeks ago. I am sick of hidden sugars, chemicals and ingredient lists with things i can’t understand.
  • control – by buying from the butcher i can decide the quantity and not having to pick between 500g or 1kg packages in the meat section in the supermarket.

IMG_4653The issues I see coming my way are that i need to be a lot more planned, I need to eat more seasonal and also figure out how to get the other household essentials and will look at online options for this.So to kick start this off i picked up 2kg of Tomatoes at the Midland market for $3, woolies wanted to charge me $5 a kg so i take this as a $7 saving straight of the bat. What was a possible going to do with 2kg of tomatoes? Home made tomato paste! Sugar free and additive free and this made the base for my delicious spaghetti Bolognese at dinner.





Let’s go to the beach!

So last day of holiday and it was amazing! Tristan had the day off so we decided to catch up with one of our friends at Point Peron down in Rockingham for a picnic and some snorkelling. A day full of laughter and random conversations and maybe a little bit too little sunscreen in some spots. Now  – time to curl up in bed and watch Gone Girl. IMG_3208  IMG_3211 DCIM100GOPROG0151154. DCIM100GOPROG0151127.

on a complete side note – how amazing does my tomatoes look! IMG_3210

A bit of shopping

I hate buying jeans, i dread it every time and rather buy bikinis any day. I don’t know what it is, i think it is because it is a very tight, fitting is hard and there are just too manny options. And a always feel large even though i walk out with a size 26.

But i took the bullet and finally went in to  the city to get new pairs.

After lecturing the shop assistant 3 times over that i don’t want high waisted jeans, i got a big bum as it is, i don’t need to enhance it further in high waisted fit and they seem extremely uncomfortable to sit in a whole day.

Either way, i managed to find 3 pair of jeans that fit well! And the Rag & Bone pair is amazingly comfortable. The Nudies are a tad too long so i need to have them tailored, you would think that a jeans store has that service but apparently i was hoping for too much.

from left: Nudie High Kai, Dr Denim Snap, Rag & Bone Rock


I’m ready!

So test week over and I think i can do this. I have spoken around with some knowledgeable friends and they have given me heaps of recommendations of what to eat, where to find it, cookbooks, you name it!

I’m basically structuring my diet around the paleo principle but nog going hard core, it’s too many rules and I know i won’t be able to keep it up. i have to be able to have treats here and there.

My biggest challenges are snacks at work, to be able to keep the afternoon sugar cravings out of my head but it might also disappear with a less carb based diet. We will see how i go 🙂

And my week off rom the gym is over, do i miss it? you bet i do! quite excited actually. something i have realised though is that I’m missing boxing… might be time to look in to it again…

nah, back to the semi final of MKR. My vote is on the boys!

No gluten, no diary they say

So…just a tip if anyone is considering it. Don’t change your skincare products and throw away your diet routine at the same time, just saying….Because you end up like this:


Unfortunately i didn’t take my own advice two months ago and are still paying it off. My skin has exploded agin, and I’m so upset with myself. It’s one thing ordering pizza and fish and chips here and there or going off the rail. I’ve done neither… or what i did was introduce more and more carbs(read pasta), had a cheeky toast here and there, and may have had a little bit too much wine. I blame it on the wine. And stress.

So new start, i ordered a new batch of Pevonia’s sensitive skin last week so it should arrive any day now and have made a gluten free diary free meal plan for the rest of the week. That preparation is the key is something i’ve released over and over again doing 12wbt.

The only grain i’ll keep is oats in the morning, i’m starving after the gym and need a large breakfast and since i have to have it at work it needs to be easy. I still can’t eat scrambled eggs and bean have never been my forte so oats it is! The reason I’m cutting it out is because i want to strip everything back and eat as natural as possible until my skin is good again and then slowly introduce certain elements. I’ve done it before and it has helped so lets’ do it again.

Mealplan today was:

Breakfast: Uncle Tobys Quick Satchel Oats with a handful of blueberries and raspberries as well as a protein shake with water.

Lumch: Thai chicken meatballs with green salad (leftover from yesterday) and a coconut water

Dinner: Pan fried Salmon with steamed broccoli and green salad.

Snacks – an apple in the morning and carrots with hummus in the afternoon (and i may have had a few Sour Patch Kids tonight).

How do i feel? I’m for once not bloated and have not had sugar cravings all day.

Bring on tomorrow 🙂

How can you say that something is low fat , when it is filled with so much sugar?

I love TED talks and stumbled across this one this morning. As any of you know I’m very passionate about food, healthy, nice, well tasting  nutritions food. I’m not a ‘my body is my castle’ type of girl at all and happily sneak in a glass of whine on a friday or a desert or a bit of chocolate during my week, because 80/20 works for me. Eat well 80%(more 90 for me) and then leave yourself a bit of treats for the week. Why? Because it makes me feel better.  

I changed my diet about 2 years ago, i had at that time major skin problems and was given roaccutane from my dermatologist. I started taking the pills and they made me feel like crap and i didn’t get any result making me think – it’s something else causing this. So i quite the pills after 2 months and started to play around with my diet. I cut out alcohol for a while, limited the carbs and the sugar in my diet and kept on going to the gym as per usual. It only took about 2 week before i saw result, my skin was slowly clearing up. And about 6-8 months later it was all gone.

My theory is that my body can’t handle some type of sugars – from the wine to carbs. Fruit is no problem at all – but anything processed is a write off. And i just have to eat around it, and I’m glad for it as i  have learnt so much about food and nutrition. I may seem like a nut-case rocking up to work with containers etc of food for the day instead of heading up for morning tea and get a muffin and then pick up lunch later but i just can’t do it. I rather know what i eat at all times.

To tie it back to the Ted Talk my beliefs are that we are having obesity problems because people don’t know what they eat as well as gotten lazy. it’s easier to throw in a pre made dish in the oven then cook the lasagne yourself – but you don’t have a clue what is in it. People jump on the ‘light and easy’ bandwagon without looking at the label on the back where you see that the salt levels are astronomical. But we still choose to take the easy way out instead of buying the ingredients and cook the meal ourselves. And it breaks my heart.

As adults we set the future for our kids, I’m yet child less but one day i know it will be my time. And if my kids didn’t know what a potato, broccoli or pomegranate was i would be embraced. Kids should be in the kitchen cooking with you, they should be out plotting in the garden understanding how to grow a seed. Not being able to list the McDonalds menu by heart.

We can all set an example of how we want ours and the societies future to be, and if more people took a step in the right direction i think that the obesity levels would slowly decrease. It won’t be overnight, but a small step is better than no step at all.

Here there and everywhere

The weekend was intense as per usual, training, tile shopping, movies, cinema, couch time, breakfasts etc. its sometimes hard to fit everything in but i do my best. After all i have as many hours in my day as Beyonce.


Protein pancakes  with berry compote, yes please! From Health Freak Cafe in Subiaco.


Potential colour combination for one of the bathrooms


hmmm traditional or washed out…. hard decision….love the worn look.


beautiful  renos done at 140 William


Bring on Chevron Gardens – Perth International Art festival IMG_1906

Chinese new year celebrations in Northbridge. IMG_1901

It may look like dirt – but oh so yummy! blueberries, pineapple, spinach and coconut water. So yummy!


Rochelle Adonis

IMG_1681It just hit me that i never wrote about my lovely High Tea at Rochelle Adonis a few weeks back when Sofi was here.

It was a scorching hot day with ‘lovely’ 38 degrees and tea was the last thing that was on my mind, it was more screaming for cold water water and ice cream. Happily i got both at Rochelle who had prepared lovely ice-tea for the day.

After a bit of bubbles and chit chat the food arrived on a beautiful square platter. On the plate we found polenta cake pesto, cheese quiche, pulled beed taco and, cold chicken with coleslaw. Amazing! The pasty of the quiche was perfect and the beef melted in my mouth. The only downside was that there wasn’t enough pesto for the polenta. 

Then the good stuff came out.

There was home made ice cream, sponge cakes, rice pudding and all this amazing goodness that melted in your mouth (and gave me the sugar high of a lifetime).

It was a lovely afternoon and i would recommend it to anyone, just plan it on a less hot day.